Frequently asked questions

How much do you charge?

That depends on what you want, where, and for how long? Contact me via the 'Contact' tab and let me know what you have in mind. A quick email will receive a prompt reply. As with any fees, they reflect the time for preparation the length and nature of the event, and the necessary travel and subsistence if appropriate.

What if I want a special piece of music, but don't have a copy?

You might not even know the full details! But, don't worry, I can usually track down music, and even suggest peices if you need advice.I will advise you if I think it's not going to work on a piano, but most can be reworked.

What style do you play?

I'd like to think that I play in the style appropriate for the piece I'm playing! But, I know what you mean. I tend to avoid 'classical music' at less formal events, preferring music from stage and screen, old and new. It is a joy to play those beautifully crafted songs from the 30s, 40s and 50s, but if I have the music, and it suits a solo piano style, I can and will play it.​

Can we dance or sing along to your playing?

I never know quite how to answer this one! Many have, and I have greatly enjoyed playing for them. There is something magical about the moment when a room starts singing along. Indeed, I would be more than delighted to lead an evening of "Songs From The Shows" etc. However, I'm not a disco, and don't use drum or keyboards instrument effects. I am a pianist with a piano. It works. Trust me!

Do I need a piano?

Not necessarily! I practice on a Kurzweil SP2XS digital stage piano, which I can be supplied. It was chosen for the quality of it's grand piano sound. Though no substitute for a Steinway, it is enjoyable to play and to listen to!

Which Graham Dickie are you?

A little bit of confusion is caused by there being two Graham Dickies based in the West of Scotland, involved in musical theatre and piano accomanying! One of them was trained in the RSAMD and you will find references to his professional work in any google search. It needs to be said that I am not he! He's probably very glad of that!

Anything else?

If you haven't had your question answered, then there is a good chance that someone else is asking it as well. Please let me know what you want to know, so that I can include it for everyone.